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OT- Bermuda Grass 08/16/12 11:40 AM msuJD164
   Re: OT- Bermuda Grass 08/16/12 11:51 AM dinglebutt
   From my experience you can do either with Bermuda 08/16/12 12:25 PM NTDawg
      Cutting higher means less water needed 08/16/12 12:38 PM Optimus Prime 4
         LOL @ "it rains twice a year" 08/16/12 12:52 PM msuJD164
            depends on the type of bermuda. I'd say 2" for Bermuda and high as it will go for St. Augustine.... 08/16/12 01:14 PM 3000lbchicken
   MSMA 08/16/12 12:38 PM dawgoneyall
      Harvey Updyke approves of this post** 08/16/12 12:43 PM gtowndawg
   Poa Annua??!! 08/16/12 01:30 PM DaRealistDawg
   Mow at 1.5 inch or a little higher if you are scalping your turf at that 08/16/12 03:33 PM coursesuper
   Turf questions 08/16/12 03:36 PM drturfdirt
      Regarding MSMA 08/16/12 05:52 PM dawgoneyall
         EPA in 2009 ruled to ban MSMA. Will not be sold after the end of this year.* 08/16/12 06:31 PM DesotoCountyDawg
      We have seen alot of MSMA resistant crab grass up here. 08/16/12 06:47 PM DesotoCountyDawg
         No joke on knowing how to mix stuff like this 08/16/12 07:53 PM DerHntr
            If you want something to just about kill anything get some gromoxone (paraquat). 08/16/12 09:40 PM DesotoCountyDawg
   Flood it with roundup and bring in the zoysia sod 08/16/12 06:34 PM WalkTheDawg
      Re: OT- Bermuda Grass 08/16/12 08:18 PM RocketDawg
   Re: OT- Bermuda Grass 08/17/12 11:04 PM Captain Agustus McDawg
   You have to be careful about fertilizer though 08/18/12 06:31 AM mcdawg22
      1/3 rule 08/18/12 02:07 PM drturfdirt
   At least 2 inches...... 08/18/12 07:38 AM Spanky

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