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A SPS Tradition: 06/12/12 07:27 AM EmoryBellard
   #17 was on American Idol a few years ago** 06/12/12 07:33 AM dawgstudent
      Is it just me, or do several of them look like their eyes aren't even? Also, slideshows suck 06/12/12 08:48 AM Optimus Prime 4
   #33 is Heath Hutchins' little sister. Our punter from a few years ago. 06/12/12 07:42 AM champ
      Mississippi was founded by Spainish Irish. 06/12/12 03:08 PM Big D
   (Asks question, ducks...) 06/12/12 07:54 AM OneParticularHarbor
      Re: A SPS Tradition: 06/12/12 08:06 AM SanfordRJones
         I just hope Croom isn't a contest judge. 06/12/12 08:27 AM Maroon Eagle
      OPH: callin it like he sees it. [/and he sees it correctly]. *** 06/12/12 08:24 AM Shmuley
      Agreed. 06/12/12 08:29 AM Dawg4Life
         When i saw #13 ROLL TIDE !!! 06/12/12 08:40 AM buddawg
         Another vote for number 11 here. Not normally my type but the prettiest of the bunch. 06/12/12 12:20 PM LightninInside
      truer words have not been spoken... 06/12/12 09:56 AM ringit
      Yeah, it does, but maybe.... 06/12/12 03:00 PM State82
      Lots of walk-ons in this particular class... 06/12/12 04:44 PM BulldogBasher
   10, 35, and 39 06/12/12 08:09 AM MSDawg34
      I wouldn't cull #7 06/12/12 08:20 AM olemissbydamn
   #37 WILL kill you....slowly. 06/12/12 08:26 AM bullysleftnut
   #27. What is the next step after "five head?" Because that's her. *** 06/12/12 08:33 AM Shmuley
      Male pattern baldness*** 06/12/12 09:13 AM OneParticularHarbor
         hmm 06/12/12 04:33 PM 3000lbchicken
   10,000 years from now somebody is going to dig up dozens of sets 06/12/12 08:59 AM Big Sheep81
   #35. Otherwise defer to OPH commentary. 06/12/12 09:08 AM Original48
   Re: A SPS Tradition: 06/12/12 09:14 AM beachbumdawg
      I think most of you old geezers are crazy 06/12/12 08:00 PM GhostOfJackie
   Photoshop fail...... 06/12/12 09:40 AM Barksaholic
      investigated the claim.... 06/12/12 09:55 AM ringit
      They all look photoshopped to some degree. 06/12/12 10:36 AM titus
   Her elbows are too pointy** 06/12/12 09:52 AM aTotal360
   What a sad roster 06/12/12 10:04 AM lars larson
      75% of them have that look like they're from Arkansas** 06/12/12 11:55 AM Optimus Prime 4
      It's a rebuilding year* 06/12/12 12:31 PM Hump4Hoops
   Nobody picked Ms Hatley??? 06/12/12 10:29 AM Pointcitydawg
   18 will win, 6 and 37 have a chance. Mediocre talent at best overall. nm 06/12/12 10:44 AM Repeat Offender
   dang i didn't know 06/12/12 12:56 PM biteyoudawg
      FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD, THIS IS A SPORTS BOARD!!!!!!1111!!!!111******* 06/12/12 01:30 PM CadaverDawg
   I'll take 18, 22 and 23... 06/12/12 04:50 PM hooch1275
   I dont know that Id touch some of those with clintoninhelen's well you know 06/12/12 05:01 PM PineGroveBully
   Everybody likes something different ... And that's a good thing 06/12/12 05:39 PM RocketDawg
   2/10 would not bang 06/12/12 05:53 PM Sutterkane woya
      Re: A SPS Tradition: 06/13/12 02:21 AM ArmyDawg
   My college roommate was tagging 23 06/12/12 06:06 PM cwc73
   I only made it to #13 before the sideshow's slowness made me lose interest. 06/12/12 10:25 PM mstateglfr
      so you missed the one x-eyed chick with a gap?** 06/12/12 10:49 PM BulldogBlitz
   Miss Vicksburg used her Sr. class photo... 06/12/12 11:40 PM Dawgpile

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