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Someone on 24/7 compiled posts from the Spirit from today... 05/22/12 06:59 PM dawgstudent
   They are so frustrated on the Spirit right now. 05/22/12 07:13 PM JacksonDevilDog
      At least Boone didn't uproot all their tulips. 05/22/12 07:20 PM patdog
         Someone ... 05/22/12 08:00 PM BiscuitEater
            6 of 7 actually.. 05/22/12 08:39 PM engie
               It's actually 8 of 9 or 9 of 10... 05/22/12 09:07 PM MedDawg
   With Cohen being on the hot seat 05/22/12 07:54 PM missouridawg
      Slow clap.... 05/22/12 08:01 PM CadaverDawg
         Guess C34 isn't the only person who's nuts you're all over 05/22/12 08:51 PM MSDawg34
            You are becoming increasingly annoying** 05/22/12 09:16 PM dawgstudent
            Speaking of pathetic....... 05/22/12 09:36 PM Damn Dog
            Coming from the guy with 34 in his name. Nice job, Derek. 05/22/12 11:55 PM CadaverDawg
      Where's your "proof" they called 05/22/12 09:18 PM KurtRambis4
   They are currently behind Vandy in every sport.... 05/22/12 09:11 PM SLUdog
   If they fire Bianco... 05/22/12 10:43 PM DAWG61

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