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Snow Bowl Ad 05/10/12 01:48 AM ChillbillyDawg
   Re: Snow Bowl Ad 05/10/12 06:40 AM MaroonandWhite11
   Now we need that in background form. 05/10/12 07:27 AM 00Dawg
   The retro Adidas logo is the jam** 05/10/12 08:41 AM RobbieRandolph
      Agreement** 05/10/12 09:30 AM dawgstudent
      the trefoil logo would be badass on jerseys 05/10/12 09:52 AM mjh94
         what I think of when I hear trefoil 05/10/12 10:17 AM Optimus Prime 4
   Bad ass** 05/10/12 09:13 AM CadaverDawg
   Too traditional, recruits/players won't like it** 05/10/12 09:24 AM Big Sheep81
      Kinda-Sorta...... 05/10/12 10:38 AM ChillbillyDawg
         Just gigging the LSD inspired, homo unis that so many pant for... 05/10/12 10:56 AM Big Sheep81
   Have you ever thought of designing 05/10/12 10:19 AM redbird4state
      Yea, I will. 05/10/12 10:40 AM ChillbillyDawg
   I really like the helmets 05/10/12 11:24 AM FrenchQuarterDawg
      I don't think I'll ever like us wearing white helmets. 05/10/12 11:55 AM lawdawg02
   Good poster but glaring error... 05/10/12 03:49 PM RonnyAtmosphere
      I seriously did not know that.. 05/10/12 05:42 PM ChillbillyDawg
         Yep. And the home team is always listed on bottom... 05/10/12 08:27 PM RonnyAtmosphere
            Bump 05/14/12 12:47 AM CEO2044
               He's using it as twitter profile pic. 05/14/12 07:26 AM Smooot2
                  Ah, didn't know. 05/14/12 09:03 AM CEO2044
            Geez.. 05/15/12 12:42 AM CEO2044
               Ha! I'm just now seeing this. 05/15/12 09:23 AM ChillbillyDawg
   Too many logos. 05/10/12 05:45 PM HamilReb
   i got that idea from Florida 05/10/12 05:58 PM ChillbillyDawg
   Re: Snow Bowl Ad 05/10/12 06:34 PM Dinkle
   Re: Snow Bowl Ad 05/14/12 03:34 PM Dinkle

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