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It's time to settle a debate one way or the other. Is Dudy Noble a graveyard? 05/07/12 08:49 PM patdog
   When you post something like this, you know people are going to pick it apart. 05/07/12 08:55 PM DawgatAuburn
      People are welcome to interpret it however they want to. 05/07/12 09:09 PM patdog
   Powers had over 20 of those in 2010 didn't he? 05/07/12 08:58 PM bruiser
      He hit 16 05/07/12 09:37 PM Coach34
   The bats deserve most of the blame. I'd be curious to see 97-98 home run totals. 05/07/12 09:01 PM PanolaDog
      Agree about the bats. And you're right that's probably the biggest reason for the big difference. 05/07/12 09:12 PM patdog
         My point about 97-98 is I'd bet just as many were hit out of Dudy as other parks. 05/07/12 09:16 PM PanolaDog
            If you want to look it up, go for it. 05/07/12 09:29 PM patdog
               That info is virtually impossible. So my final answer is the bats make Dudy more of a graveyard. 05/07/12 10:19 PM PanolaDog
      It's not the dimensions so much... 05/07/12 09:17 PM engie
         If DNF is ever expanded, we may need that extra... 05/07/12 10:20 PM State82
            Here is how I would change it...approximately... 05/07/12 11:19 PM engie
               I like it! 05/07/12 11:53 PM Todd4State
                  Looks like the outfield dimensions will remain the same 05/08/12 06:15 AM Mutt the Hoople
               One problem with doing that. 05/08/12 07:19 AM patdog
                  This would be extending the grandstands... 05/08/12 09:23 AM engie
                     It seems to me that if you just extend the current grandstand, 05/08/12 10:28 AM patdog
                        It could be done... 05/08/12 10:34 AM engie
                           I could go with that.... 05/08/12 06:56 PM bruiser
   I really don't think any of the data 05/07/12 09:50 PM engie

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