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Picture of Dak Prescott 08/08/11 01:21 PM MSU124
   Tim Tebow looks like a white Dak Prescott** 08/08/11 01:25 PM dawgstudent
      Tim Tebow wears Dak Prescott pajamas** 08/08/11 03:27 PM Todd4State
      How is Perkins handling the breakup? 08/08/11 03:58 PM Seshomoru
   I hear Denver is excited about Dak Prescott.** 08/08/11 01:34 PM scrapdawg
   Noticed that. 08/08/11 02:04 PM Dawg4Life
      what 08/08/11 03:16 PM lars larson
         That ... 08/08/11 04:24 PM Dawg4Life
            Dak will step on baby Favre 08/08/11 04:32 PM opieT
               Okay. 08/08/11 04:49 PM Dawg4Life
   When are we debuting the new red jerseys? 08/08/11 02:08 PM lawdawg02
      Re: Picture of Dak Prescott 08/08/11 02:17 PM PBRME
      New colors Red and Black.......** 08/08/11 02:26 PM fishwater99
      1987** 08/08/11 04:10 PM MedDawg
   When did they put trees inside our practice facility? 08/08/11 03:44 PM UpTheMiddlex3Punt
      ITS AN IPF, DAMMIT!!! You people are making us look like douches... 08/08/11 04:18 PM MemphisMaroonClubDog
         Recruits won't read this page 08/08/11 04:25 PM UpTheMiddlex3Punt
   Re: Picture of Dak Prescott 08/08/11 03:54 PM Dixon4Heisman
   Re: Picture of Dak Prescott 08/08/11 05:42 PM BigMSUDawg
      Prescott really likes to raise the roof* 08/08/11 05:48 PM Hump4Hoops
      Re: Picture of Dak Prescott 08/08/11 10:30 PM Dawgpile
   Looks like a kid with a great work ethic. 08/08/11 05:56 PM RonnyAtmosphere
   I need tickets 08/08/11 10:40 PM Sutterkane woya
   Work with a guy form Shreveport... 08/08/11 10:45 PM RougeDawg

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