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Inspirational video. Music is politically incorrect but I don't give a flying 17 08/21/12 12:00 PM SwampDawg
   Here ya go... 08/21/12 12:07 PM Dawgdom
   wow .. i'm at a loss on this one. 08/21/12 12:10 PM 22yardpunt
   Anyone who posts something with Mississippi State highlights.... 08/21/12 12:20 PM HD6
      Ummm - Dixie is a lot more to many people other than the TSUN anthem 08/21/12 12:23 PM SwampDawg
         Those people are morons.* 08/21/12 12:25 PM HD6
            Once upon a time when I was a high school student at the academy I attended... 08/21/12 12:32 PM Maroon Eagle
            HD6 wants to have a good ol' history book burnin party** 08/21/12 12:37 PM DerHntr
            Camp David reigns supreme in this bitch 08/21/12 12:40 PM Coach34
               I swear to God that... 08/21/12 12:43 PM BigMotherTucker
               You two are like Ace and Gary all of a sudden. 08/21/12 02:39 PM DawgatAuburn
                  Can you feel the magic? 08/21/12 02:46 PM HD6
                     If UCA wins that game, then each of you have to appear on the other's radio show. Deal? 08/21/12 08:18 PM DawgatAuburn
                        Oooooooooh. 08/21/12 08:29 PM HD6
                           OK Peaches.....where are you? 08/21/12 08:34 PM DawgatAuburn
            We could call them other things too. 08/21/12 12:45 PM patdog
         How many auburn fans do you know that don't loathe "Sweet Home Alabama"? 08/21/12 02:21 PM Hump4Hoops
         The South 08/21/12 02:36 PM KurtRambis4
      Do what I did...Mute and play Hail State on your phone... 08/21/12 02:48 PM Dawgdom
      I have to agree with this. 08/21/12 03:29 PM aerodawg
   Hahaha... 08/21/12 12:28 PM DAWG61
   never get tired of seeing ankles broke @ :34 08/21/12 12:42 PM Wizard
   Best Response I Know How To Give 08/21/12 02:34 PM DawgFromLaurel
   That Trent Richardson juke of entire Bear secondary never gets old. 08/21/12 03:39 PM natchezdawg
   If I'm going to watch a preseason hype video set to "politically incorrect" music, 08/21/12 03:39 PM DeeADubyaGizzle
   I'm not sure what was more bizarre 08/21/12 03:55 PM Todd4State
   I knew a girl in high school named Dixie. I used to sing it to her all the time 08/21/12 08:30 PM Mutt the Hoople

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