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Phil Steele likes the Dawgs 08/21/12 01:53 PM JackShephard
   He also likes Troy. For some reason, that game makes me nervous... 08/21/12 02:14 PM Negative Waves
      With good reason... 08/21/12 02:36 PM klerushund
         You guys are just looking for things to worry about. 08/21/12 02:56 PM patdog
            Not that I think we will struggle against Troy 08/21/12 03:17 PM aerodawg
            UAB '10, LaTech '11... 08/21/12 03:23 PM klerushund
               Uh, I wouldn't put LT 2011 in that category... 08/21/12 03:36 PM maroonmania
                  We won in black jerseys too 08/21/12 04:46 PM pDigital32Dawg
               La. Tech was a very good team. They are predicted to win 9-10 this year as well.... 08/21/12 07:48 PM Spanky
         Technically, Missouri did go there. And lost...... 08/21/12 07:46 PM Spanky
   Say what? 08/21/12 03:36 PM rebelrouseri
      You will be 7th. 08/21/12 03:41 PM chew1095
      Re: Phil Steele likes the Dawgs 08/21/12 03:42 PM millsaps05
         Not most - ALL 08/21/12 04:22 PM JackShephard
   yeah - he still picks us 4th in the West (that is the surprise) 08/21/12 06:56 PM digdawg
      ... 08/21/12 07:02 PM QuaoarsKing
      we lost the tiebreaker there sport- we werent 4th in the West in 2008 08/21/12 07:18 PM Coach34
      Common sense. It would behoove you to gain some of it.* 08/21/12 07:47 PM Spanky
      so if we go 9-3 and finish 4th in the west 08/21/12 08:14 PM JackShephard
      I almost hate to do this to you... Almost** 08/21/12 09:42 PM engie
         Engie's his name... 08/21/12 09:51 PM CadaverDawg

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