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EPL Soccerpost... 08/20/12 03:54 PM Maroon Eagle
   I detest...... 08/20/12 03:59 PM shsdawg
      I'm curious, 08/20/12 08:31 PM KurtRambis4
         If you are an EPL........ 08/20/12 09:07 PM shsdawg
            Then Saturday wasn't fun for you* 08/20/12 09:50 PM OneParticularHarbor
               Not one bit.... 08/21/12 12:41 PM shsdawg
                  Fingers crossed, they'll poach Dempsey from Fulham before the transfer window shuts. 08/21/12 12:45 PM FireworksForJeffy
                     Yeah, maybe..... 08/21/12 12:53 PM shsdawg
                        Suarez just isn't a finisher. 08/21/12 01:29 PM FireworksForJeffy
            I understand they're rivals 08/21/12 03:53 PM KurtRambis4
               I used to hang around.......... 08/21/12 08:40 PM shsdawg
   Entertaining match 08/20/12 05:38 PM NapoleonDynamite
      I've long been a fan of Leighton Baines... 08/20/12 05:55 PM Maroon Eagle
         Agreed 08/20/12 09:49 PM CEO2044
   ESPN... 08/20/12 06:10 PM DAWG61
      EsPn had the score as the top story on 08/21/12 06:17 AM Tito Cheeseburger Jr

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