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Girl to try out for LSU kicker 08/20/12 05:37 PM Mutt the Hoople
   It worked for Vicksburg in 2002* 08/20/12 05:49 PM LTblows
      Except that VHS lost to WCHS that year. 08/21/12 09:36 AM FireworksForJeffy
         Wrong. 08/21/12 10:28 AM LTblows
            Damn, you're right. 08/21/12 10:32 AM FireworksForJeffy
               Don't be an idiot. It was never his size. 08/21/12 10:57 AM LTblows
         I've often wondered if it's possible for a Warren County high school coach to get reassigned... 08/21/12 12:55 PM CapitolHillRebel
            The once proud tradition of football in our hometown is dead, dead, dead.* 08/21/12 04:43 PM HD6
               Unfortunately, I agree. 08/21/12 05:16 PM FireworksForJeffy
   i think i remember a thread about this in the spring... 08/20/12 06:03 PM Uncle Ruckus
      She had a bad tryout this spring. She thinks she'll do better this time..... 08/21/12 06:38 AM Mutt the Hoople
         But can a guy try out for the girl's softball team? 08/21/12 06:52 AM Rutherford B Hays
            There is no women's version of college football. 08/21/12 07:20 AM bullysleftnut
               Pitching is waaaay different in baseball and softball. 08/21/12 09:03 AM Rutherford B Hays
            Please. Don't bring up that tired argument. It's just dumb. 08/21/12 09:16 AM patdog
               Speaking against a double standard is dumb? 08/21/12 09:58 AM Rutherford B Hays
                  Couldn't he just go to a school that offers one of those sports 08/21/12 10:05 AM saltslugs
                  If there was a double standard, then speaking out about it wouldn't be dumb. 08/21/12 10:15 AM patdog
                     You really don't see this as a double standard? 08/21/12 10:19 AM Rutherford B Hays
                        You really think there's no inherent advantage for a man playing against women? 08/21/12 10:24 AM patdog
                           That is irrelevant. Same tax dollars. Are you saying that the best should not play? 08/21/12 10:34 AM Rutherford B Hays
                              Apparently your idea of fairness is to have sports for boys and no sports for girls. 08/21/12 10:55 AM patdog
                                 So when logic can't be used, start name calling. 08/21/12 11:13 AM Rutherford B Hays
                                    You're the one arguing for men playing on women's teams 08/21/12 11:33 AM patdog
                                       Oh yes! Scholars from around the world come to 6pack and Nafoom for life's answers*** 08/21/12 11:42 AM Rutherford B Hays
                                          Yep. Everyone's marching out of step except you. 08/21/12 11:54 AM patdog
                                             Lapdogs always run with easy thought, no matter how flawed. 08/21/12 12:32 PM Rutherford B Hays
                                                Shut up already. You're not a free thinker, you're just wrong. 08/21/12 01:19 PM Hump4Hoops
                                                   I guess I better stop since I've had two rebuttals from Hump. 08/21/12 01:49 PM Rutherford B Hays
                                                      You must be really bored today. 08/21/12 02:12 PM patdog
                                                   I would have thought it would be hard to respond with a less coherent, illogical argument 08/21/12 03:16 PM Johnson85
                                                      The only argument I even made was "women shouldn't be prohibited 08/21/12 03:28 PM Hump4Hoops
                                                         Just screwin with you, but 08/21/12 04:08 PM Johnson85
                                                            I think you missed where I said "but." 08/21/12 04:18 PM Hump4Hoops
                        If men could try out for softball.............. 08/21/12 10:27 AM futaba
         I see no reason she couldn't kick a few extra points and short-to-medium FGs in non-confence games. 08/21/12 07:43 AM patdog
   It's been posted before, but Mo Isom scores from 90 yards out. 08/20/12 10:57 PM patdog
   Re: Girl to try out for LSU kicker 08/21/12 08:12 AM TXDawg

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