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A gem from independencebowlmainstay 08/19/12 07:32 PM biguglykidjoe
   Where's he at these days** 08/19/12 09:50 PM engie
   Re: A gem from independencebowlmainstay 08/19/12 11:19 PM FreeDawg
   I'd say this describes Indy pretty well 08/20/12 08:32 AM slickdawg
   Stalker. 08/20/12 09:04 AM FireworksForJeffy
      Where is he posting then? 08/20/12 09:21 AM engie
         Maybe Jeffy is Mainstay? 08/20/12 09:23 AM CadaverDawg
            Nah, any admin/mod can confirm I'm not IBMS 08/20/12 09:52 AM FireworksForJeffy
               No- as Engie showed in his post- he is posting somewhere in yuku 08/20/12 12:57 PM Coach34
                  You get that from your sources as well? 08/20/12 01:37 PM FireworksForJeffy
                     actually yes- directly from a friend...and I quote 08/20/12 01:41 PM Coach34
                        he's probably screwing with you too. do you believe everything you hear? 08/20/12 01:46 PM FireworksForJeffy
                           I know when my buddies are kidding around and when they arent 08/20/12 01:51 PM Coach34
                              There are lots of private boards, plus other sports, hobbies, interests, etc. that people visit 08/20/12 01:55 PM Optimus Prime 4
                              No need to get all personal, brah. 08/20/12 01:57 PM FireworksForJeffy
                                 It's not a big deal 08/20/12 02:01 PM Coach34
                              Corch is right, there is a private board. 08/21/12 02:33 PM Lion O.nafoom
                           I love this 08/20/12 01:52 PM DerHntr
                              I post here like once every 3 weeks. 08/20/12 01:54 PM FireworksForJeffy
                                 Re: A gem from independencebowlmainstay 08/20/12 01:58 PM IBleedMaroonDawg
                                 Horseshit. I don't believe you are busy. Prove it by not posting for 6 months here** 08/20/12 02:06 PM DerHntr
                              No way a private "Junction" exists, guys. 08/20/12 04:05 PM BillFremp.nafoom
                           How does one get an invite to said "Junction" 08/20/12 02:02 PM hate state daily
                              Re: A gem from independencebowlmainstay 08/20/12 02:03 PM olemissbydamn
                                 ADMIN - Can I get an Invite to "The Junction" 08/20/12 02:22 PM hate state daily
                              You dont need an invite. Come on out to the Junction on September 1st 08/20/12 02:41 PM Damn Dog
                                 They can do that in Oxford... 08/20/12 03:00 PM engie
      The first rule of fight club...** 08/20/12 12:48 PM codeDawg
   Hello, Ladies.... 08/20/12 01:49 PM independencebowlmainstay
      Respectable resurfacing** 08/20/12 01:55 PM coach66
      well done* 08/20/12 02:08 PM DerHntr
      Wait a minute... 08/20/12 02:31 PM KurtRambis4
         Now, now..... 08/20/12 03:04 PM independencebowlmainstay
            I see I 08/20/12 03:23 PM KurtRambis4
               Actually Bucky is called the "Disciple" and Humpback is called "Comrade Mullen". 08/20/12 03:35 PM olemissbydamn
                  Weak** 08/20/12 03:38 PM KurtRambis4
                  Ghengis Mullen/Matilla the Hun 08/21/12 09:28 AM boatsnhoes
            Not only do you not know anything about recruiting......... 08/20/12 03:57 PM msudeltadawg1971
      Delete 08/20/12 02:38 PM patdog
      Re: A gem from independencebowlmainstay 08/20/12 04:23 PM WalkTheDawg
   My complain about independencebowlmainstay 08/20/12 11:55 PM FlabLoser
      For someone who knows so many big words, I'd figured you'd be able to spell "desserts" right... 08/21/12 09:32 AM FireworksForJeffy
   Re: A gem from independencebowlmainstay 08/21/12 09:18 AM WizardofKoz.nafoom
      I'm telling you, it's not real. 08/21/12 09:37 AM FireworksForJeffy
         You're wrong, I have Bear friends that have confirmed the existence of a new private 08/21/12 09:55 AM coach66
            GUYS!!! ^^^HE HAS BEAR FRIENDS!!!! 08/21/12 10:03 AM BillFremp.nafoom
            I guess you could say the bears are... 08/21/12 10:19 AM Sutterkane woya
            Yeah I've seen it, once.... 08/21/12 12:25 PM EAVdog
               Didn't that turn out to be just a real old thread someone had bumped? 08/21/12 01:20 PM Optimus Prime 4
            Our numbers are multiplying. VIVA LA UNDERGROUND!!!11!!** 08/21/12 04:54 PM Captain Black Bear d
   This thread copied here is full of win.... 08/21/12 12:06 PM independencebowlmainstay
      Anything you can do, I can do better..... 08/21/12 12:30 PM HD6
         Wonder how many of those posters have started a sentence with 08/21/12 01:08 PM WalkTheDawg
      So most posters missed the win total by 1 or 2. I'm failing to see the huge fail here. 08/21/12 01:25 PM patdog
         Owned me? 08/21/12 02:47 PM independencebowlmainstay
            Re: A gem from independencebowlmainstay 08/21/12 02:54 PM olemissbydamn
               Actually I did the math. I'm that bored today. 08/21/12 03:28 PM BillFremp.nafoom
                  Agreed. 08/21/12 03:49 PM patdog
            Great post** 08/21/12 03:41 PM KurtRambis4

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