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Anyone been at football practice? 03/24/12 06:00 PM shotgunDawg
   Been both days. 03/24/12 06:54 PM jcdawgman18
      Thanks 03/24/12 07:02 PM shotgunDawg
      I am getting a little wooly about the McKinney reports I must admit. 03/24/12 07:32 PM AzzurriDawg4
         Cant add much to what he wrote except Skinner looks extremly fast for his size..Dak has a touch of 03/24/12 08:27 PM 99jc
            I saw that from him last year in the fall, too (Russell) 03/24/12 08:55 PM drt7891
         One more note, RE: Nickoe. 03/25/12 01:22 AM jcdawgman18
         Lot of people questioned signing him 03/25/12 08:38 AM kired
      Also 03/24/12 08:45 PM randystewart
         What exactly goes on in the pit? 03/24/12 08:51 PM missouridawg
      what's your opinion of this since you were there 03/24/12 10:52 PM Uncle Ruckus
         A) and C) 03/25/12 01:20 AM jcdawgman18
         Our receivers must be able to get separation against SEC DB's.... 03/25/12 09:26 AM BogeyGolfer
      Any word on Nick Griffin? 03/25/12 02:09 AM bobthecavemonkey

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