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Stricklin has his man ...but who is it! 03/23/12 03:20 PM Foronce
   I'll give it to Wardlaw... 03/23/12 03:23 PM dawgstudent
      So BDJ is actually kind of okay now? 03/23/12 03:41 PM Maroon Eagle
         It's slowly building itself back up from what I can tell... 03/23/12 03:44 PM dawgstudent
         BJD is pretty good 03/23/12 04:04 PM catvet
         I wonder if my lifetime membership purchase from the old site would 03/23/12 04:06 PM beachbumdawg
            Re: Stricklin has his man ...but who is it! 03/23/12 04:08 PM Dawghouse
               It would be nice if Warlaw ever responded to email. 03/23/12 10:57 PM Rutherford B Hays
         Re: Stricklin has his man ...but who is it! 03/23/12 05:50 PM PBRME
            Really looking forward to hearing who it is but.... 03/23/12 05:58 PM anesdawg
   I'll take a stab. 03/23/12 03:36 PM hullabaloodog
   If he has his man, then why hasn't he been hired??** 03/23/12 03:38 PM fishwater99
   There's very few.... 03/23/12 03:42 PM 00Dawg
   "still a couple of people on the list just in case it doesn't work out" In other words I really 03/23/12 03:47 PM dawgebag
   I'll take a stab as well 03/23/12 03:49 PM gtowndawg
      I actually like that idea... 03/23/12 03:58 PM bobthecavemonkey
   BogeyGolfer is going to be mad if his "source" doesn't get him the info. 03/23/12 03:50 PM DawgatAuburn
      You're right and if my source is correct.... 03/23/12 04:22 PM BogeyGolfer
         oh yeah? 03/23/12 04:38 PM angusyoung
            Sorry, I was given the green light with the Stansbury news but was asked more than 03/23/12 04:58 PM BogeyGolfer
               Give us a hint 03/23/12 05:01 PM AshleySchaffer
               I say PM Dawgstudent 03/23/12 05:31 PM Todd4State
         To prove your "inside" knowledge... 03/23/12 04:40 PM jamdawg96
            Seconded. I'm trustworthy. Send me the info, Bogey. 03/23/12 04:42 PM ckDOG
   It's got to be Groce and when they lose tonight it slips out...** 03/23/12 03:54 PM fishwater99
   Has Martin been discussed on his site?* 03/23/12 04:20 PM ckDOG
   Sean Peyton is available next year ** 03/23/12 04:21 PM slickdawg
   we have had alot of interest in our job- if it's somebody other than Groce or Payne 03/23/12 04:22 PM Coach34
      They all have been discussed 03/23/12 04:33 PM Foronce
         Please not Tim Floyd 03/23/12 04:37 PM AshleySchaffer
            BDJ 03/24/12 08:26 AM hidolahall
               Re: Stricklin has his man ...but who is it! 03/24/12 08:34 AM PBRME
      Oh shit, even Coach34 doesn't know who it is...Strickland = shadow ninja? 03/23/12 06:08 PM BoDawg
         John Groce or Kenny Payne...** 03/24/12 12:28 AM fishwater99
   Re: Stricklin has his man ...but who is it! 03/23/12 05:42 PM Marooney
   Chris Collins? 03/23/12 05:45 PM anderlin21
   Could it be Rick Pitino 03/23/12 06:17 PM ThreePack
   I'm guessing Bryce Drew 03/23/12 06:21 PM AshleySchaffer
   Re: Stricklin has his man ...but who is it! 03/23/12 06:39 PM bigdawg22
      South Carolna gonna name Frank Martin 03/23/12 06:44 PM AshleySchaffer
   Re: Stricklin has his man ...but who is it! 03/23/12 06:57 PM Marooney
   Is there a single person on the planet that we could even get a majority on? 03/23/12 10:41 PM LightninInside
   Mark Gottfried? 03/23/12 10:49 PM IBleedMaroonDawg
   Brad Stevens from Butler? 03/24/12 12:12 AM jstodd22

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