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Some of you need to realize it's not 1999 anymore 03/17/12 11:46 AM Coach34
   I liked the position we were in pre injuries. I know it's easy to blame it all on injuries but 03/17/12 12:46 PM Ulysses Everett McGill
   Re: Some of you need to realize it's not 1999 anymore 03/17/12 12:47 PM BillBraskyDOG
   I don't understand... 03/17/12 12:55 PM bobthecavemonkey
      This is just the boards reaction to baseball season PERIOD 03/17/12 12:59 PM weblow
      Wake me up in a month... 03/17/12 01:05 PM BogeyGolfer
   Who looked stupid last year? 03/17/12 01:06 PM patdog
      So, you say it's a great feat to win the SEC Tourney in basketball in 2009 03/17/12 01:40 PM Coach34
         It was a great feat becuase it got us into the tournament. 03/17/12 01:46 PM patdog
            winning a regional > winning SEC Tourney in 2009 to get a 13 seed 03/17/12 01:49 PM Coach34
               Never said it wasn't great to win that regional. 03/17/12 01:53 PM patdog
   Excuses. Who is responsible for the... 03/17/12 01:35 PM Repeat Offender
      tradition? We have 8 losing seasons in the SEC in the last 10 years 03/17/12 01:43 PM Coach34
         So we have no tradition in baseball, yet we're a top job in basketball. 03/17/12 01:51 PM BriantheDawg
            Bingo....what a 03/17/12 02:05 PM Repeat Offender
      Who is responsible for the lack of depth? Look no further than the NCAA and their roster 03/17/12 01:57 PM Ulysses Everett McGill
         Thanks, Ron. 03/17/12 01:58 PM BriantheDawg
            Nope, in fact...... 03/17/12 02:16 PM Repeat Offender
            No it doesn't just apply to us...but who else has 5 starters hurt dumb ass. 03/17/12 02:16 PM Ulysses Everett McGill
               Um, we weren't exactly lighting it up before the injuries either, dumbass. 03/17/12 02:20 PM BriantheDawg
                  Right right but we WERE winning AND nationally ranked so not really that sad. 03/17/12 02:31 PM Ulysses Everett McGill
                     That's fine. He's going to get his pass.. 03/17/12 02:41 PM BriantheDawg
                        i still think we will host.. 03/17/12 05:00 PM Hector
               I hope that you are correct... 03/17/12 02:31 PM Repeat Offender
            My bad BTD, reply issues today..nfm 03/17/12 02:18 PM Repeat Offender
   This is the problem. Tradition. 03/17/12 02:37 PM ScaldedDawg
      And coach and his boyfriend DawgatAuburn will defend anything they have said on this board 03/17/12 02:44 PM Dawgbreeze
         You lost a bet- you cant man up and honor it? 03/17/12 05:07 PM Coach34
         I will defend things that are right and will admit when I am wrong. 03/17/12 06:28 PM DawgatAuburn
      I could be wrong (I'm not), but didn't Maineri just win the CWS 3 yrs ago? 03/17/12 04:01 PM Dubs
   What's going to be the excuse next year if we struggle? 03/17/12 04:20 PM Dubs
      why dont we let this season play out first? 03/17/12 05:05 PM Coach34
         Hey, I'm happy to. Hope you're right about Cohen. 03/17/12 05:37 PM Dubs
            Look, he had us in a Super in Year 3- if we miss a regional this year- he better be in one 03/17/12 06:33 PM Coach34
               Completely agree, Coach 03/17/12 06:51 PM Dubs
                  Listen to Dubs, he knows what he is talking about 03/17/12 08:08 PM gtowndawg
   How do other teams in sec deal with adversity? injuries? we are we the only 03/17/12 06:37 PM cytubb
   Kentucky is 20 and 0 and looking like they`ll sweep SoCar this weekend. Hmmm* 03/17/12 07:42 PM thatsbaseball
      Where was Kentucky last season during Game 3 of our Super Regional at Florida? 03/17/12 08:02 PM Coach34
         I talked to two UK baseball player's 03/17/12 08:08 PM Dubs
            There are too many stories like that floating around 03/17/12 08:18 PM thatsbaseball
               To be fair.. 03/17/12 08:48 PM Dubs
         Missing the point coach. The mentality amongst almost ALL MSU folk when we hired him 03/17/12 08:09 PM thatsbaseball

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