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Afew desktop wallpapers I made for the 247 wallpaper thread... 08/19/11 08:07 PM BigMotherTucker
   BMT, they look good but the Auburn date is wrong on the 1st one* 08/19/11 08:13 PM weblow
      well piss! 08/19/11 08:16 PM BigMotherTucker
      Fixed** 08/19/11 08:26 PM BigMotherTucker
   Very Nice. 08/19/11 08:33 PM Stuttgart
   can't believe that Mississppi is spelled correctly* 08/19/11 08:51 PM DerHntr
      But in Mississppi State fashion... 08/19/11 09:03 PM BigMotherTucker
   That 2nd one looks great - we should make a t-shirt** 08/19/11 09:06 PM dawgstudent
      Don't put on it anywhere 08/19/11 09:12 PM CowtownDawg
   One more 08/20/11 09:57 AM BigMotherTucker
      can't say those aren't pretty sweet 08/20/11 10:51 AM 22yardpunt
         Probably... 08/20/11 11:05 AM BigMotherTucker
   Last one for a while... 08/21/11 02:37 PM BigMotherTucker
   For zerosktr 08/21/11 08:01 PM BigMotherTucker
      The best yet. Awesome. 08/21/11 09:58 PM AFDawg
      my new desktop. 09/13/11 03:16 PM lawdawg02

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