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College Pop Tarts 08/21/12 08:49 AM Wizard
   Auburn's brand offers 180k in benificial nutrients that is so good your kid won't notice 08/21/12 09:53 AM WalkTheDawg
      Arkansas' uses different saftey hints hidden on the inside of the box as a market niche 08/21/12 10:55 AM WalkTheDawg
   Tennessee's brand looks delicious on the box, has had a fortune spent on market research, but still 08/21/12 10:03 AM WalkTheDawg
   Ole Miss...they are soft on the inside and on the outside the corners get burnt everytime.... 08/21/12 10:07 AM Wizard
      They already submitted their early design to Kellogs.. 08/21/12 10:29 AM Xenomorph
   Bulldog Berry does not sound appetizing in the least. 08/21/12 10:09 AM natchezdawg
   Ohio state's always sell well in the Midwest and northeast, but always falter in the southern market 08/21/12 10:13 AM WalkTheDawg
   Notre Dame's was the best in quality and taste once. Then again, so was RC cola. 08/21/12 10:29 AM WalkTheDawg
      Do not disparage RC Cola by comparing it to ND** 08/21/12 10:33 AM Optimus Prime 4
   Penn State---- 08/21/12 10:32 AM lariverdog
   Vanderbilt's use only the best ingredients and are the best for you, however 08/21/12 10:49 AM WalkTheDawg
   Bama's box is covered with pictures of their campus so that their fans know what it looks like* 08/21/12 10:54 AM DerHntr
      ^^nice!!^^ 08/21/12 10:57 AM Wizard
   Next year's box for MO will have a Texas A&M logo and state "Missouri Loves Company"* 08/21/12 11:05 AM DerHntr
   MSU's box is maroon and white, but has the aTm logo and says "Mississippi" Bulldogs? 08/21/12 11:12 AM CadaverDawg
   Alabama signed an exclusive deal, theirs are sold only @ Wal Mart next to the tshirts & sweatshirts 08/21/12 11:34 AM dawgebag
   Mississippi State signs Affinity Toaster Pastry contract ... 08/21/12 11:54 AM Shmuley
   LSU's never made it to production. 08/21/12 12:17 PM WalkTheDawg
   Alabama's has the best marketing pitch, people that never bought or tasted them claim they are best. 08/21/12 12:21 PM WalkTheDawg
   The Florida ones are still being developed. After eating them they make you tired and sick 08/21/12 12:49 PM WalkTheDawg

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