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Tobias Manning has left the plantation. 08/15/12 07:51 PM JacksonDevilDog
   Good attrition. 08/15/12 07:52 PM HamilReb
      Some people can't handle.. 08/15/12 07:55 PM GroveHard
         Guess he 08/15/12 07:58 PM KurtRambis4
         As much as I dislike da bears, I have to agree w/them here 08/15/12 08:12 PM Rutherford B Hays
            Why? 08/15/12 08:37 PM muddawgs33
               Exactly. 08/15/12 08:51 PM KurtRambis4
               Because people are two-faced; they gloat if Bears depart & yet its "good attrition" when dogs do it. 08/15/12 08:51 PM Rutherford B Hays
                  Of coure 08/16/12 09:00 AM KurtRambis4
                     Of course there can be "good attrition", that is not my point. 08/16/12 10:18 AM Rutherford B Hays
                        The thing 08/16/12 10:45 AM KurtRambis4
                        You're assuming the "good attrition" referred only to Grindle's behavior/character. 08/16/12 10:53 AM AFDawg
                           Exactly. 08/16/12 11:17 AM patdog
               Re: Tobias Manning has left the plantation. 08/16/12 10:44 AM Big D
         he couldn't dribble a football? 08/16/12 08:01 AM gdogg
            Not with a 08/16/12 11:20 AM Turner Center All Star
      Actually, it is good attrition. 08/15/12 11:01 PM patdog
   Does this mean... 08/15/12 08:05 PM engie
   That's just sad. 08/15/12 08:08 PM EAVdog
      According to Freeze 08/15/12 08:13 PM rebels.nafoom
         +1 for that* 08/16/12 11:05 AM Big Sheep81
   Sounds like 08/15/12 08:08 PM DoctorTobiasFunke
      Re: Tobias Manning has left the plantation. 08/15/12 08:51 PM Chesusdog
   Re: Tobias Manning has left the plantation. 08/15/12 08:20 PM shotgunDawg
      I had forgotten the "MS Home Run" 08/15/12 08:25 PM RobbieRandolph
         Seeing eye single at this point.* 08/15/12 08:38 PM HD6
   Does he get to keep the hat? 08/15/12 08:22 PM dawgoneyall
   Got a text from deep today saying Toby 08/15/12 08:32 PM coach66
   What's really sad is that guys like Singleton and Brassell could be helping MSU..... 08/15/12 08:33 PM Spanky
   Buried in the depth chart??? 08/15/12 08:42 PM ImHurtinLinda
      Singleton? 08/15/12 08:46 PM rebels.nafoom
      Re: Tobias Manning has left the plantation. 08/16/12 08:11 AM bigrebone
   Hell, he has been trying to leave for a year now 08/15/12 08:43 PM Todd4State
      Juco... 08/15/12 08:47 PM engie
      Chuck Rounsaville said he will probably go to Alcorn. 08/15/12 08:59 PM JacksonDevilDog
         In my best Rob Jay voice 08/15/12 09:02 PM Todd4State
            How about your best Michael Rubenstien voice? 08/15/12 09:48 PM 32 Dive
   Do they get to keep the 'crootin trophy? 08/15/12 08:44 PM spacecataz
   Dear Steve Lindsey..... 08/15/12 08:53 PM HD6
      No kidding 08/15/12 09:20 PM WalkTheDawg
         I'm not so sure their outcomes would have 08/15/12 10:01 PM coach66
            The only difference if he'd come to MSU instead of UM 08/15/12 11:36 PM patdog
               Probably right, I never felt like Tobias was going to be a great SEC player after watching him a 08/16/12 07:28 AM coach66
      Scott.. Unless I'm missing some inside joke? 08/15/12 11:55 PM 57StratDawg
         Absolutely. 08/16/12 03:33 AM scrapdawg
            Yes, Oxford, that nuclear waste dump... 08/16/12 07:42 AM Lion O.nafoom
               You = %%+@+!+%* 08/16/12 07:55 AM Bob Sacamano
               I never said Oxford was a bad place.. 08/16/12 08:02 AM 57StratDawg
               It all started with that 17ing Checkers.** 08/16/12 08:22 AM scrapdawg
                  Nice. nm. 08/16/12 08:27 AM GroveHard
               You know what they say about people in glass houses. 08/16/12 09:26 AM patdog
               If your thinking that the freeze hire is comparable with the Mullen hire helps you sleep at night 08/16/12 09:31 AM WalkTheDawg
         You're right, my mistake.* 08/16/12 07:31 AM HD6
   The bottoming process continues they 08/15/12 08:58 PM coach66
      Whoever told you that... 08/15/12 09:12 PM thunderclap
   Hey Rebs...welcome to 2004, MSU style. Who will be your Maine?* 08/15/12 09:02 PM Resolved
      They played them in 2010 08/15/12 09:16 PM biguglykidjoe
      Central Arkansas is just a couple of weeks away 08/15/12 09:29 PM Coach34
         Just out of curiousity..... 08/15/12 09:31 PM HD6
            I think it will be a sloppy win for Ole Miss 08/15/12 09:36 PM Todd4State
               He was on the roster when I looked. 08/15/12 09:37 PM HD6
                  Too bad they don't play Jacksonville State again 08/15/12 09:50 PM jwbigcreek
            I think the game will still be in doubt when the 4th quarter starts 08/15/12 09:47 PM Coach34
               If they beat them.... 08/15/12 09:49 PM HD6
                  Re: Tobias Manning has left the plantation. 08/15/12 09:53 PM biguglykidjoe
                  I'd go to Camp David for a Central Arkansas victory 08/15/12 10:12 PM Coach34
                  and now rumor is Honey Badger to Central Ark., look out** 08/16/12 07:45 AM coach66
               If that game is in doubt in the 4th Q, Freeze better turn up the gospel music to drown out the 08/16/12 08:42 AM dawgebag
            Brett Norsworthy didn't sound all warm and fuzzy about that game. 08/15/12 10:38 PM DesotoCountyDawg
         I don't think the Bears will lose to Central Arkansas, but that will be a pretty close game. 08/15/12 11:05 PM patdog
            I picked them @ 2-10 losing to Central Arkansas. 08/16/12 08:17 AM EAVdog
   Good for TobiasManningSingleton 08/15/12 09:16 PM LimpinDawg
   Not to be vulgar 08/16/12 10:32 AM Ole Cincinnatus.nafoom
      ^^ This is high, High, HIGH quality reality checking. ^^ ... 08/16/12 11:31 AM Shmuley
      Where were you... 08/16/12 12:12 PM klerushund
      Most likely it will balance out relatively quickly, but maybe not. 08/16/12 01:14 PM Johnson85
   and the next person who uses "good attrition" 08/16/12 10:36 AM Ole Cincinnatus.nafoom

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