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The Grasshopper Tweets Pic of "Our Stadium" 08/14/12 06:25 PM Dinkle
   Well... 08/14/12 06:30 PM BigMotherTucker
      It certainly looks first-class 08/14/12 06:38 PM RocketDawg
         ditto 08/14/12 07:01 PM dinglebutt
         Don't leave out the General 08/14/12 09:24 PM Dawghouse
            We should build a damn statue of the general in front of templeton academic center 08/14/12 09:35 PM Ulysses Everett McGill
               And surround it with daffodil bulbs...... 08/15/12 09:29 AM dawgebag
            ^I'm calling for Biplane flyover on opening day..Remember the General!!!! 08/15/12 09:39 AM gdogg
   Flagship material* 08/14/12 06:49 PM GTAdawg
      pshaw. flagships bowl their endzones in. 08/15/12 08:20 AM FireworksForJeffy
   So will USM be the first game? 08/14/12 07:42 PM OneParticularHarbor
      Yes** 08/14/12 07:47 PM engie
      And don't ruin the event, you guys have a bad habit of that** 08/15/12 08:34 AM coach66
         If we do, beer's on me 08/15/12 10:27 AM OneParticularHarbor
      delete 08/15/12 08:40 AM coach66
   I still dont like the new jumbotron just jutting out of the expansion, but the overall concept 08/14/12 09:33 PM AzzurriDawg4
      I'm with you there... 08/14/12 09:44 PM engie
   My one change: 08/14/12 10:10 PM STATEgrad04
      Agree 08/14/12 10:44 PM FlabLoser
   that should retain a lot of cowbell clatter .... if 08/14/12 10:10 PM lyle.fishingmississi...
   Damn, that looks good. 08/15/12 12:28 AM patdog
   Hooray for brick... 08/15/12 08:32 AM thunderclap
   Glad to see so many 08/15/12 08:38 AM ThePinkFloyd
   Everyone's favorite Christian is still on his game (pic) 08/15/12 08:43 AM aTotal360
      wow someone check that dudes apartment for assault rifles 08/15/12 08:45 AM angusyoung
      Dude needs free ride on an ass kicking machine. *** 08/15/12 10:42 AM Shmuley
   Something about that odd ball angle of the new bowl end still bugs me, like they can't decide if 08/15/12 09:33 AM dawgebag
      It's parallel to the street, and tangent to the endzone bowl arc. 08/15/12 11:43 AM FireworksForJeffy
   This is our worn out slogan ** 08/15/12 10:31 AM tenureplan
      Nice try 08/15/12 10:38 AM DrKennethNoisewater

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