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OT- Saving for kids college 08/14/12 11:55 AM msuJD164
   An alternative savings method: save up to hire tutors for SAT/ACT 08/14/12 12:06 PM UpTheMiddlex3Punt
      Already jumped on that boat 08/14/12 12:23 PM msuJD164
      Good Advice. Asians are the ethnic group most likely 08/14/12 09:39 PM eurotrash
      This is true because 32 on the ACT is 08/15/12 07:33 AM HoundDawg Brown
         True but 08/15/12 07:56 AM DawgNsuds
   I did Mpact and Macs for both my kids and I'm glad I did. If they end up getting a scholly 08/14/12 12:50 PM coach66
   If you are in Mississippi, take advantage of the prepaid tuition plan MPACT. If you are in another 08/14/12 01:07 PM Rezreb
      This.... MPACT is the way to go... 08/14/12 01:49 PM fishwater99
         I did the MPACT for my first child. 08/14/12 01:58 PM olemissbydamn
            I was trying to find a rule that explained what happens if your family moves 08/14/12 02:06 PM Seinfeld
               MPACT disadvantages 08/14/12 02:42 PM BhamDawg
                  I have the Virginia American 529 for my granddaughter 08/14/12 03:01 PM RocketDawg
                     PACT 08/14/12 04:06 PM BhamDawg
                  It is not correct to say... 08/14/12 03:02 PM Slumdawg
                  Re: OT- Saving for kids college 08/14/12 08:37 PM madisondawg11
                     I concur, 529s are good...... 08/14/12 08:55 PM Spanky
                        THIS!!! 08/15/12 12:09 AM patdog
   Real estate if you know what you are doing. 08/14/12 01:09 PM chew1095
   I wouldn't do anything too painful or too inflexible. 08/14/12 01:40 PM Johnson85
      MPACT is backed by the full faith and credit of the state. 08/14/12 01:56 PM Rezreb
         Some "prepaid tuition" plans have small print. 08/14/12 05:26 PM Johnson85
   this guy might be able to help 08/14/12 04:09 PM mjh94
   T Rowe Price Section 529 plans 08/14/12 09:36 PM Chem70

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