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Chuck Rounsaville just said ... 08/13/12 06:50 PM Shmuley
   He has his chhhance! 08/13/12 06:58 PM karlchilders
      He just has to not stutter step at the line. 08/13/12 07:00 PM EAVdog
         Me too, 08/13/12 07:08 PM karlchilders
   based on practice reports? 08/13/12 06:59 PM EAVdog
      Re: Chuck Rounsaville just said ... 08/14/12 01:28 PM whereisomaha.nafoom
         Yep. 5th and 6th in the ACC know for powerful D's! 08/14/12 02:16 PM EAVdog
            Seems to be a trend for Bear DCs. 08/14/12 02:24 PM patdog
               Here's some more lovely numbers for you! GT's D Womack's last year. 08/14/12 02:29 PM EAVdog
                  Paging Carl Torbush... 08/14/12 02:47 PM scrapdawg
                     22 TD drives less than 3 minutes long! 08/14/12 02:57 PM EAVdog
                     This guy? 08/14/12 03:24 PM engie
                  Re: Chuck Rounsaville just said ... 08/14/12 03:09 PM cowman
                  Here's a few more. 08/14/12 03:32 PM patdog
               Re: Chuck Rounsaville just said ... 08/14/12 05:44 PM MedDawg
                  Wow, this^^ post is the exclamation point behind the "he sucks!" theory 08/14/12 06:04 PM CadaverDawg
         5th and 6th in the ACC guys! 08/14/12 03:33 PM WalkTheDawg
   Blank stare. 08/13/12 07:19 PM thunderclap
      Re: Chuck Rounsaville just said ... 08/13/12 07:38 PM hgsmith.nafoom
         if only there were a way you could stop him from taking your subscription money!!!1!!1!11! 08/14/12 11:39 AM getalab.nafoom
   12 tailbacks on OM's schedule just got really excited to play that Rebel D.** 08/13/12 07:53 PM CadaverDawg
   Which nation was he referring to? 08/13/12 08:01 PM Todd4State
   The problem with Rounsaville is that he doesn't know how to be objective. 08/13/12 08:48 PM JacksonDevilDog
   That comment says more about whom he is practicing against 08/13/12 08:54 PM gdogg
   Chuck has stepped out of the spin zone 08/13/12 10:30 PM patdog
   that's a load of BS 08/14/12 07:59 AM bigrebone
      I think you are being overly optimistic........ 08/14/12 01:42 PM fishwater99
   Yancy Porter just hit the "Likes" button 08/14/12 09:40 AM dawgebag

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