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OT: Chattanooga 06/20/12 11:02 PM AtmosRonnysphere
   Lots to do downtown near the river... 06/20/12 11:25 PM captaindawg
   asdf 06/20/12 11:32 PM Hump4Hoops
   go to... 06/20/12 11:40 PM zerosktr151
      I miss Chattanooga 06/21/12 07:22 AM Statefan1001
         i wish i had moved there when i had the chance. do the Chickamauga battlefield in GA only 15 from 06/21/12 07:27 AM 99jc
   See Rock City** 06/21/12 07:36 AM aTotal360
      Re: OT: Chattanooga 06/21/12 03:41 PM Coast Dawg
         I was merely quoting the 1000s of signs you see littering the countryside. Yes, it sucks.** 06/21/12 04:29 PM aTotal360
   get a calzone and beer at Lupi's Pizza 06/21/12 02:24 PM idog
   Aquarium is fantastic if you have a few hours to kill... 06/22/12 07:35 AM MSUDOG92

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