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Weather dudes, a question 03/01/12 06:59 PM msuJD164
   Hope this helps. 03/01/12 07:13 PM SixtonPackerish
   Re: Weather dudes, a question 03/01/12 10:07 PM 3000lbchicken
   Where is the area for most risk for tornados? What is the Torcon for the Starkville area?* 03/01/12 10:10 PM drt7891
      Torcon....... 03/01/12 10:10 PM shsdawg
         Where is the worst Torcon?* 03/01/12 10:44 PM drt7891
            link 03/01/12 10:55 PM shsdawg
               Thanks.* 03/01/12 10:59 PM drt7891
               Crap... 03/01/12 11:49 PM MSUDOG92
                  link 03/02/12 08:22 AM DerHntr
                  Torcon for middle TN and parts of KY were just raised to 9* 03/02/12 08:34 AM DerHntr
            Jim C on his way to Lexington Ky.... 03/02/12 07:59 AM Topgunms
   North Alabama needs to watch out big time. 03/01/12 10:37 PM mstatefan88
      We will be just fine. 03/02/12 12:35 AM RocketCityDawg
         Yes, but... 03/02/12 09:23 AM saltslugs
   North Alabama will be bad enough ... 03/02/12 07:54 AM RocketDawg
   Re: Weather dudes, a question 03/02/12 08:39 AM starkvegasdawg
   not a weather dude, but this is a great site 03/02/12 08:47 AM aTotal360
      Pull up Wes Lyons's feed 03/02/12 10:59 AM UpTheMiddlex3Punt
         Brett Adair definitely sounds like a Bammer* 03/02/12 11:46 AM DerHntr
            He is 03/02/12 11:51 AM RocketDawg
               Dude sounds as country as dirt 03/02/12 11:59 AM DerHntr
                  I've never heard him speak 03/02/12 12:26 PM RocketDawg
         Wes is back up and running** 03/02/12 11:57 AM MSUDOG92

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